China News Service, May 8th. According to a report from the Overseas Chinese News Network, a few days ago, the New York City Police Asian Anti-Hate Crimes Working Group, the Municipal Police Community Affairs Office and the Municipal Police 7 Branch jointly organized a police meeting with the Fujian Association of the United States to present a meeting to the Asian community. Pass on support, reiterate that it will crack down on hate crimes, and encourage people to actively report to the police when they witness or encounter crimes.

  Wu Mingheng, the Chinese Inspector of the Municipal Police’s Asian Anti-Hate Crime Working Group, said that he came to the United States from Hong Kong at the age of 16.

At a time when anti-Asian hate crime cases are proliferating, the job of the city police is to ensure the safety of everyone, and all people, including Asians, should not be afraid of their skin color or ethnicity.

  The Chinese police inspector Tan Qiwen of the 7th Sub-bureau of the Municipal Police is also a member of the Asian Anti-Hate Crime Working Group.

He said that many Asians are reluctant to report to the police due to language, culture and other reasons after encountering hate crimes. The group was established to solve this problem. He encouraged victims to report to the police in their native language and provide them with direct assistance.

  Du Shuxian, the liaison officer of the Municipal Police Community Affairs Office, said that hate crimes against Asians are becoming more and more intense, but the various departments of the Municipal Police stand with the Asian community and continue to cooperate with different organizations and institutions in the community to ensure that the Asian community has access to important resources. And information.

She also reminded that the city police and other municipal agencies have special lines in different languages, and people will not be asked about their immigration status when they report to the police.

  Zheng Siqi, the head of the Fujian Association of the United States, said that the association has worked closely with the 7th branch of the municipal police and various departments, and thanked the police for actively communicating and dialogue with the community and sending messages of support to the public in the current anti-Asian wave.

  Many representatives from the Municipal Police Community Affairs Office and the 7th Sub-bureau of the Municipal Police and many overseas Chinese leaders attended the meeting that day.

(Yang Chengyu)