China News Service, Kunming, May 7 (Luo Jie) "We must make the greatest determination to change the urban spatial layout of Kunming and fully regulate the protection system of Dianchi Lake." Cheng Lianyuan, member of the Standing Committee of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Kunming Municipal Party Committee, was on the 7th in Kunming City of the Communist Party of China. This is what the Eleventh Committee said at the twelfth plenary meeting.

  On the same day, Cheng Lianyuan stated in a report to the plenary meeting that 2021 is the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan" period (2021-2025), and it is of great significance to do the current key tasks.

"It is necessary to give more prominence to green development, strengthen the construction of ecological civilization and ecological environment protection, and save various resources such as land", Cheng Lianyuan emphasized, "we must not slack in the Dianchi Lake protection system at the moment, and accelerate the promotion of green transformation of production and lifestyle."

  On May 6, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment notified the over-exploitation of Changyao Mountain in Jinning, Kunming, Yunnan, which seriously affected the integrity of the ecosystem of Dianchi Lake.

According to the report, the phenomenon of "development around the lake" and "tracking development" around Dianchi Lake is prominent, and the Changyao Mountain area has been eroded by real estate development projects. Some projects directly invaded the Dianchi Lake Reserve and squeezed the ecological space of Dianchi Lake.

  Cheng Lianyuan proposed that it is necessary to do a good job in the rectification of the central inspections and feedback from the central environmental protection inspection, test the "two maintenances" with the actual results of the rectification of the problems, and take the central inspections and the central environmental protection inspectors to implement the rectification of the feedback as a serious political task. Recognition, in-depth reflection, and comprehensive rectification to ensure that all kinds of problems are fully rectified and implemented.

  "We must resolutely put the protection and governance of Dianchi Lake in an overwhelming position, and take the opportunity of the rectification of the problems pointed out by the central environmental protection inspector, strictly control the approval and control of construction projects around Dianchi Lake, and thoroughly clean up the illegal and illegal buildings in the first-level protection zone." Cheng Lianyuan Said that in response to the problems of the Mingzhen Golf Course and the excessive development of the Changyao Mountain area pointed out by the Central Environmental Protection Supervision Group, we must be determined to take practical and effective measures to implement reforms and reforms, speed up the pace of ecological restoration, and restore ecological functions as soon as possible.

  At the same time, the projects in the secondary protection zone were strictly rectified in accordance with the "Dianchi Lake Protection Regulations of Yunnan Province". Those that should be stopped must be stopped in accordance with the law, and those that should be demolished must be demolished in accordance with the law. The protection and governance of Dianchi Lake will be fully regulated, and "tracking development" will be resolutely stopped. , Play the "edge ball" and engage in real estate and other behaviors, and change the development pattern of "building a city around the lake and layout around the lake".