China News Service, May 8th. According to a report by the US Chinese website, the United States has initiated the process of withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. Some officials have hinted that the withdrawal may be completed as early as July 4th.

However, the Wall Street Journal quoted US officials as reporting that European allies are urging the United States to postpone the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan in order to give NATO allies more time to prepare for the withdrawal.

Data map: A strong explosion occurred in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, and smoke billowed near the US Embassy.

  US officials said that in response, the withdrawal of US troops may be delayed for two weeks or more.

US President Biden in April ordered a complete withdrawal of troops before September 11, and the military indicated that they could complete the withdrawal in the summer.

  Officials say another trouble is that Turkey, which has been securing the Kabul airport for many years, has told the United States and NATO that their troops may also leave.

Officials said that the departure of Turkish troops may prompt some Western countries to reconsider how to keep embassies open without international troops stationed at airports.

  The US Central Command said on the 3rd that about 2% to 6% of the troop withdrawal operations have been completed, including the withdrawal of about 60 aircraft from Afghanistan, confirmation of about 1,300 pieces of equipment to be destroyed, and the transfer of a base in Helmand to Controlled by the Afghan army.

  As the United States failed to abide by the Trump administration’s previous commitment with the Taliban to withdraw its troops on May 1, the Taliban threatened to attack the U.S. military during the withdrawal. U.S. officials are therefore stepping up protective measures by force.

The chairman of the Joint Joint Council, Mark Milli, stated on the 6th that the US military has deployed 12 more F-18 fighter jets to provide protection for the evacuated troops from Afghanistan.

  The Pentagon revealed on the 3rd that some "small-scale harassment attacks" took place last weekend, but they had no effect on the withdrawal.