Immediately comment | The "famous teacher" physically punished the students to separate the skin and the bones, the school is still busy throwing the pot?

  To what extent can teachers punish students physically?

The latest answer is that the student’s scalp and skull were separated, and the teacher who beat him was detained.

  Recently, Yuan, a third-grade student of Xinhua Road Primary School in Pingdingshan, Henan, was dragged to the podium by a teacher surnamed Chang. He developed headache, head swelling, low-grade fever, vomiting, and semi-coma. He went to the doctor and found that his scalp and skull were separated and he was hospitalized. 22 Day, 7 puncture operations were performed, and it was identified as a minor injury grade II.

The reason for this treatment is the very common and not too serious mistake: speaking in class.

It's just that Teacher Chang is "very angry", and this has serious consequences.

  Obviously, this is an act of corporal punishment with obvious intentions, fierce performance, and atrocious nature. It has nothing to do with teachers' exercise of educational disciplinary powers.

In addition to the tremendous physical pain it brought to the students involved, there was also psychological damage that could not be erased in a short period of time.

Not only that, according to the parents, there were two other students whose hair was pulled.

They and their parents, including other students in the class, will inevitably suffer psychological shadows.

  The teacher of corporal punishment was detained, and it was only a matter of time before he paid his due price for his actions.

This is the law "supporting" students who have been treated rudely.

But the accountability and aftermath of this matter cannot stop here.

  First of all, the responsibilities of the school involved must be clarified and investigated.

The reason for emphasizing this point is that the current performance of the school has revealed a strong sense of throwing the pot.

For example, a teacher who faced parents questioning the implementation of corporal punishment continued to attend classes normally for 17 days after the child was hospitalized and the parent called the police. The person in charge of the school said that he thought that the child’s scalp should be swollen after “treatment for a few days,” and “I didn’t expect the consequences to be so serious.” ; Faced with the issue of compensation, it is said that corporal punishment is a teacher’s personal behavior, and the school will not pay a dime;

  From another perspective, this information can almost be interpreted as: After the students showed obvious discomfort, the teachers and the school involved lacked care and did not apologize; in the eyes of the school administrators, it seems that as long as the “consequences are not serious”, the teachers' physical punishment of the students does not count. What is something worth pursuing seriously? When a teacher signs a letter of commitment on teacher ethics, at the school level, it is equivalent to not punishing students physically. If corporal punishment is true, the school can also use the letter of commitment to exempt itself from responsibility.

No responsibility, no compensation.

  This is a typical self-deception and deception.

Just as many netizens have said, the teachers who impose corporal punishment are employees of the school. If corporal punishment occurs in the school classroom, why should the school be exempted from responsibility?

Such an eagerness to shirk responsibility in order to protect oneself is indifference to the students involved, which is tantamount to secondary harm.

It is necessary for the local education authority to intervene in the investigation.

  Secondly, my country's "Teacher Law" stipulates that those who have been deprived of political rights or have been punished by fixed-term imprisonment or more for deliberate crimes cannot obtain the qualifications of teachers; those who have already obtained the qualifications of teachers will lose their qualifications.

It can be seen that after the teacher surnamed Chang has received the penalty, it is basically impossible to serve as a teacher in the original school.

However, for such violent persons with previous records, a protective wall should be established when they are choosing a job in order to form a safe distance from industries closely related to minors, and to prevent him from changing schools or going to educational institutions outside the school. Continue to teach.

In particular, the teachers involved still have a "famous teacher" aura around them.

  In this regard, the newly revised "Minor Protection Law" to be implemented on June 1 will play an important role.

The "Teacher Entry Inquiry" system it provides covers all units that are in close contact with minors inside and outside the school. Inquiry information includes sexual assault, abuse, trafficking, violent injuries and other illegal and criminal records.

Isolating the "Tiger Wolf Teacher" like Teacher Chang, who physically punishes students, from the teaching team, will undoubtedly help more students avoid fear from the source.