China News Agency, Berlin, May 7 (Reporter Peng Dawei) The new authoritative German poll released on the 6th showed that the German Green Party, which intends to compete for the next German Chancellor, had a support rate of 26% among voters, and the latter supported it. The rate is 23%.

  The German TV station "German Trends" poll released on the same day gave the above results.

The last time the German Green Party surpassed the Coalition Party in this poll was in June 2019.

  This approval rate reflects the voter's tendency to vote under the scenario of "if the German general election is held this Sunday."

The poll showed that compared with the beginning of April this year, the support rates of the coalition parties and the Social Democrats in the current German federal government have declined to varying degrees.

Among them, the support rate of the Coalition Party fell 4 percentage points to 23%, and the support rate of the Social Democratic Party fell 2 percentage points to 14%.

The left-wing party also fell in support, which fell by 1 percentage point to 6%.

  The Green Party’s support rate rose 4 percentage points from last month to 26%.

The Choice Party and the Liberal Democratic Party also rose by 1 percentage point and 2 percentage points, respectively, with support rates reaching 12% and 11%.

  In terms of candidates for prime minister elected by the major political parties, Annalena Belbok, the female candidate of the Green Party and the party’s chairman, leads the Alliance Party’s Raschelt and the Social Democratic Party’s Schultz with 28% approval rate, the latter two The support rate of both is 21%.

  A German TV station pointed out that the "German Trend" poll is only a description of the current situation and cannot be interpreted as a "spoiler" for the September election.

The station said that when the SPD launched Martin Schultz as a candidate for prime minister in 2017, Martin Schultz’s approval rating was as high as 50%. However, the result of the general election was that the Coalition led the SPD by 12 percentage points. Merkel once again Re-elected.