China News Service, May 7th. According to Korea Broadcasting International (KBS), more than 200 South Korean expatriates from India have returned to South Korea as the new crown epidemic in India spreads.

Prior to this, 172 South Korean nationals in India returned to South Korea on the 4th on the Indian Air Vistara, and are currently living in quarantine in temporary living facilities in South Korea for 7 days.

Data map: On March 4, local time, tips for maintaining social distancing at Incheon Airport, South Korea.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Zeng Nai

  According to reports, the non-scheduled Asiana Airlines flight taken by South Korean expats living in India took off from Bangalore Airport in India and arrived at Incheon Airport in South Korea at about 6:20 am local time on the 7th.

  According to the report, there were originally 206 people who took the flight. Because 2 of them tested positive for the local new crown virus and failed to board the plane, only 204 returned to South Korea.

Among them, it also includes an Indian who holds a marriage immigrant visa.

  After entering South Korea, Korean nationals are transferred to temporary living facilities and tested for the new coronavirus on the first and sixth days. If the test is negative, they will be quarantined at home for 7 days.

The third new coronavirus test must be carried out the day before the quarantine is lifted.

  In addition, the Asiana Airlines non-scheduled flight from Delhi, India is scheduled to arrive in South Korea on the 9th, and the number of passengers has not yet been determined.

The South Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism said that it is currently confirming the number of expatriates who wish to return to South Korea, and is negotiating with the Indian government, and is making efforts to schedule additional flights.