, May 7th, according to the American Chinese website, on the 6th local time, the U.S. House of Representatives Majority Leader and Maryland Democrat Hoyer announced that the House of Representatives will be aimed at solving hate crimes against Asians in mid-May. Vote on the bill.

  In April, the "New Crown Hate Crimes Act" was passed in the Senate. The bill was proposed by Japanese Democratic Party Senator Keiko Hirono and Chinese Democratic Party Congressman Meng Zhaowen.

The bill instructs the Ministry of Justice to expedite the review of hate crimes related to the epidemic and provide more support to local law enforcement agencies in fighting hate crimes.

On April 17, local time, hundreds of people participated in a rally against discrimination against Asians in Millbrae, San Francisco Bay Area.

With the outbreak and spread of the new crown epidemic, there has been a surge of discrimination and violence against Asian groups in American society.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Liu Guanguan

  Hoyer said in a notice to members that the House of Representatives will vote on the bill during the week of May 17.

The bill is expected to pass smoothly and be signed into law by President Biden.

  The House of Representatives will also consider a resolution proposed by California Democrat Zhao Meixin to formally condemn the March 16th Atlanta area massage parlor shooting.

The gun case resulted in the deaths of 8 people, including 6 Asian women.

Although the gun suspect claimed that the attack was not motivated by racism, the incident has exacerbated the fear of hate crimes in the Asian community.

  According to reports, the House of Representatives will end the recess period next week.

The lawmakers will first vote on a bill to protect pregnant employees in the workplace.

In addition, the House of Representatives will review a bill to strengthen mental health services and a package plan to reform the debt collection industry next week.

  Hoyer also stated that “if it is ready,” the House of Representatives may also consider a supplementary spending bill to meet Congress’s security needs and establish a committee of inquiry regarding the congressional riots on January 6.