The EU-European Union, which permits the export of the new coronavirus vaccine to the outside of the region, has so far permitted about 178 million exports, and revealed that about 40% of the total is destined for Japan.

In January, the EU introduced a measure requiring prior permission before exporting to the outside of the region in response to growing concerns about the supply of the new coronavirus vaccine.

The European Commission, the EU's executive body, announced the status of exports under this measure on the 6th, and allowed about 178 million exports to 45 countries and regions by May 3. It is said.

The largest number is Japan, which accounts for about 72 million times, which is 40% of the total.

This is followed by about 18.5 million times for the United Kingdom and about 18.4 million times for Canada.

In addition, while the number of export permits is 854, only one was rejected, and the purpose of the permit system is to grasp the distribution status of vaccines manufactured in the region and to regulate it. I re-emphasized the position that it is not.

There are still many challenges in spreading vaccines around the world, and there is international debate as to whether vaccine patents should be suspended so that low-priced generic vaccines can be produced freely.