From Monday to Friday in Media Culture, Eva Roque gives you her TV tips for the evening.

This Friday, she offers us two programs broadcast on France 3 on stories of encounters, love stories, simple stories.

"The troupe in Palmade has fun with François Berléand" and "The secret life of songs" on France 3.

Last zapping of the week, what is the theme of the programs that you have chosen?

Love stories, with a touch of romanticism.

Evening 100% France 3 with in first part "The troupe in Palmade has fun with François Berléand".

Simple concept: actresses and comedians under the direction of Pierre Palmade offer a series of sketches.

François Berléand takes part in some.

Not to the one that follows.

After months of discussions on a dating application, a man and a woman decide to meet in person.

Except that surprise, the man speaks with a very pronounced accent.

An accent that changes as the conversation progresses.

The end of the sequence is very romantic.

Other sketches will make you laugh, others less.

An entertaining evening in any case with remarkable actresses.

Let's stay on France 3 with a new number of "The Secret Life of Songs" presented by André Manoukian.

He chose to be interested in these songs resulting from the meeting of two singers. Gaëtan Roussel who writes Resident of the Republic for Alain Bashung, Benjamin Biolay and Keren Ann who offer Henri Salvador "Winter Garden" and "Personal Message" interpreted by Françoise Hardy, written and composed by Michel Berger. The singer was very appreciative of the work of Michel Berger. But she doesn't dare ask him for a title. It is the photographer Jean-Marie Périer who provokes the meeting between the two. Michel Berger at the time suffered from his separation from Véronique Sanson. Françoise Hardy tries to save her marriage with Jacques Dutronc. Suffice to say that the song is for her. Not to mention Berger's stroke of genius.

Stories of encounters, love stories, short stories, this is the program of this evening on France 3.