Today, there are just over 100 girls competing at GGN and the new goal is a substantial increase.

- We will make this investment in three steps.

Since we entered the competition in 2013, we have looked at GGN with a little new eyes and now it is time for us together with our partners to make changes so that the girls and ladies can take a seat and get started in the world's largest enduro competition, says Conny Bohlin who is CEO of the organizer Nordic Sport and Event in a press release.

Influencers should attract girls

To attract more girls to the competition, the entry fee for girls who have never competed there before is reduced by 50 percent, the prize money will be increased every year until 2024 and they also hire six female influencers who will run GGN on the women's side.

- Just enduro, which means endurance, is a good form of training where the whole body can feel the challenge and to train in the woods when you can is a great forum to meet other like-minded girls and boys, says Conny Bohlin in the press release.

SVT Nyheter Öst has previously drawn attention to the sisters Reimander from Norrköping who compete in Enduro.

See more in the clip below:

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A number of boxes with everything possible must be brought to a race.

Here you can hear what the three most important things are, according to Martina Reimander.

Photo: SVT