The out of control Chinese missile flew over Egypt, Syria and Jordan

On the 28th of last April, the "Long March 5B" missile, which has a length of 30 meters and weighs 21 tons, was launched. However, the Chinese Space Agency lost control of the central floor of the missile, which means that it would fall and crash in any area.

The results of the tracking of the Chinese missile's orbit showed that it flew over the sky of Egypt for several minutes, before heading to other countries in the random path in which it was rotating, at an altitude of about 190 km outside the Earth's atmosphere.

The Chinese missile, out of control, is now flying over the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and before it passed through Egypt, Syria and other countries, as it was found through live monitoring maps of the missile's location moment by moment when it passed through Egypt last Tuesday evening for only three minutes and then headed in the same evening towards northeast It is heading towards Jordan and Syria in its random course, according to the statements of Dr. Gad Al-Qadi, head of the National Institute for Astronomical and Geophysical Research of the Egyptian "homeland".

The expectations resulting from following the path of the Chinese missile indicate that it may enter the ground space on May 9, and as soon as the missile enters the atmosphere, it is subjected to combustion, except for some parts that may resist combustion, which represent fears of losses.

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