06 May 2021 “Rai Cinema continued to produce a lot during Covid because the Italian market was one of the most reactive in the organization and in compliance with the protocols.

Just last week our CEO Paolo Del Brocco presented 140 productions completed in this period. The crisis in the sector is not related to the cinema product, which indeed finds its richness in the large offer and competition: digital acceleration has led Italians to learn more about streaming platforms and to subscribe, and to accelerate the consumption of products on TVOD, with some great films launched directly on the platforms, in the absence of the possibility of passage in the hall "

“But cinemas are the real issue to focus on, since they are going through a critical phase.

Rai Cinema is not only production but also distribution, with 01 Distribution, so our real goal is to protect the entire supply chain: not to focus on platforms but to bring people back to the cinema, which remains the place of excellence of this system. Cinema is one of the few immersive experiences that citizens can enjoy: the great challenge, therefore, will be to create products that are so strong and competitive as to entice them to see them in the cinema, surpassing the streaming offer. If few products will be able to attract the public so much as to bring them back to theaters, then the challenge will be to think and produce increasingly valuable films "

This is what was declared by Carlo Rodomonti, Head of strategic and digital marketing of Rai Cinema during the first debate of Fare Impresa in Italy, the conference organized by the Lumsa University in collaboration with the Alumni Association, underway today and tomorrow in live streaming on the The university's YouTube channel entitled Digital transformation and sustainability, is the role of innovation in the post-pandemic economic recovery. 

Large companies (Rai Cinema, Barilla, Enel), startups (Daje, Monugram, Schoolr), fintech companies (PayDo, Molofinance, modefinance) and managers such as Fabio Moioli (Microsoft Italy) are involved in the debate.

Enel Group Chief Innovation Officer Ernesto Ciorra closes the meeting on Friday 7th.