, May 6th. According to the website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, in order to accelerate the training of a large number of high-quality workers and technical talents, improve the quality structure of the supply of new professional talents, support the development of strategic emerging industries, and promote the depth of the digital economy and the real economy. Integration. Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued the "Notice on Strengthening New Vocational Training" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice").

  The "Notice" proposes to speed up the development of new professional standards, while organizing the formulation of new professional standards, and at the same time soliciting new professional standards or evaluation norms from the society.

The collected new professional standards or evaluation norms will be promptly upgraded to national professional standards after evaluation and demonstration organized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.

Provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government) and departments (industry) with conditions can rely on leading enterprises, industry organizations and institutions in their respective regions and departments (industry) to develop professional standards or evaluation norms. Professional standards are promulgated.

  The "Notice" requires that, in accordance with the needs of regional economic and social development, adapt to market needs, adhere to the employment orientation, highlight capacity building, and vigorously develop new vocational training, especially the training of talents in the digital economy.

Encourage training institutions to adopt various forms of training in accordance with national professional standards.

For digital technology skills occupations, explore the introduction of modern methods and methods to carry out training.

Extensively organize and carry out new vocational skills competition activities, and give full play to the role of competition to promote learning and competition to promote training.

Combining the development of new economy, new industries, and new professions, establish corresponding guidelines for vocational and education and training majors (projects), revise the professional catalog of technical colleges, improve the content of professional and technical personnel continuing education majors, and add new majors (projects) corresponding to new professions ) To strengthen the training of new professional talents.

  The "Notice" emphasizes the orderly development of new career evaluations.

In accordance with relevant regulations, organize the solicitation and selection of new career evaluation agencies, and actively and steadily implement socialized evaluation.

Recorded evaluation agencies explore diversified evaluation methods based on professional characteristics.

Innovate the evaluation service model, explore the new model of "Internet + talent evaluation", and explore the online evaluation and identification model for digital technology skills occupations.

The evaluation agency shall prepare and issue a certificate (or electronic certificate) for the personnel qualified by the evaluation in accordance with relevant regulations.

The information of certified personnel is included in the scope of talent statistics.

  The "Notice" pointed out that, adhere to the use-oriented approach, establish and improve a talent development mechanism that combines training and use, as well as evaluation and incentives.

All local human resources and social departments shall incorporate new vocational training evaluation projects into the local vocational skills improvement action "two catalogs and one system", and implement policies such as vocational skills training subsidies and vocational skills appraisal subsidies as required.

Implement relevant policies for the career development of high-skilled talents and professional and technical talents. All kinds of employers will provide senior workers, technicians, and senior technicians in their studies, post appointments, job rank promotions, awards, awards, and scientific research project declarations. The professional and technical personnel at the corresponding level enjoy the same treatment.

  In addition, the "Notice" also put forward requirements for strengthening organizational leadership and communication and coordination, publicity and guidance, policy interpretation, work guidance, supervision and inspection, and training infrastructure.