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: "Contemporary Chinese youth are a generation that walks in the same direction and advances together with the new era. They are born in a prosperous age and shoulder heavy responsibilities." General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches importance to, cares for, and trusts youth.

The general secretary was with the young people, there was laughter, touch, and many beautiful singing voices.

  On the occasion of the May Fourth Youth Day, CCTV's "People's Leader Xi Jinping" column launched the "Song of Youth" series of reports, revisiting the warm-hearted interaction between the General Secretary and young friends, and feeling the power of youth!

I like the "Four You" soldiers

Create the first and strive for excellence as a model

Strong military goals to lead

The people's army marches forward bravely

Strong army goal

Come to lead

People's Army

Forward courageously


  This is a song "The "Four Haves" Standard Stand Up" sung by our soldiers.

  On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2017, President Xi Jinping braved the bitter cold to make a special trip to Zhangjiakou to visit the soldiers of the 65th Army's grassroots company.

At that time, the young soldiers sang this song to President Xi.

  During the inspection, touch the bedding, look at the clothes, and ask if you can take a hot bath, whether the dormitory is cold at night, and how you are preparing for the Spring Festival... President Xi’s meticulous care impressed the young soldiers.

The soldiers excitedly chatted with President Xi about life in the barracks and shook hands with him excitedly.

  That winter day, the barracks were exceptionally warm.

  On January 26, 2014, President Xi Jinping made a special trip to a certain frontier defense unit of the Inner Mongolia Military Region, and cordially visited and condoned officers and soldiers on the border.

This is in the company canteen, where President Xi Jinping dines with the soldiers.

  The "Four Haves" soldiers sung in the song refer to a new generation of revolutionary soldiers with soul, ability, blood, and morality.

  At the end of December 1929, the Red Army held the Gutian Conference in a small mountain township in western Fujian.

The "Gutian Conference Resolution" after the meeting was recorded in the annals of history as the first programmatic document for ideological party building and political army building.

  In the autumn of 2014, 85 years later, President Xi Jinping personally proposed to hold a military political work conference in Gutian.

At the meeting, focusing on the important issue of strengthening and improving our military's political work, President Xi clearly stated that efforts should be made to cultivate a new generation of revolutionary soldiers with soul, ability, blood, and morality.

  After the meeting, as a standard for training a new generation of revolutionary soldiers, the "Four Haves" pointed out the direction for group after group of young soldiers to devote themselves to the cause of strengthening the army.

  The 2014 Gutian Army Political Work Conference had an impressive scene.

  At lunchtime, President Xi greeted 11 grassroots fighters to sit with him at a dining table for dinner.

  Red rice, pumpkin soup, Guanyin dishes, fried bamboo shoots... the "Red Army Rice" of the year, President Xi and the soldiers ate with relish.

  From time to time, President Xi served the soldiers around him and told them: "The young generation is the future and hope of the party and the army. The revolutionary cause depends on you to continue to struggle, and the fine traditions depend on you to inherit and carry forward."

  On January 3, 2018, the Central Military Commission solemnly held the 2018 Opening Training and Mobilization Conference. The troops at the main venue began training after receiving the training order.

  President Xi's words make one can't help but recall the revolutionary years of war.

  In the Nanchang Uprising, Autumn Harvest Uprising and Guangzhou Uprising, a group of 30-year-old youths opened the curtain of the Chinese Communist Party’s independent leadership of the revolutionary war and the establishment of the People’s Army; in the Jinggangshan Revolutionary Base, most of the martyrs who died were only in their 20s and early 30s. ; In the "Twenty-Five Thousand Miles" Long March, the average age of the generals of the Red Army was 25 years old, and more than half of the soldiers were young people under the age of 24...

  The red country of New China is inseparable from young and passionate fighters.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping said: "A strong country must have a strong army, and a strong army can ensure national security."

  On the day of the May Fourth Youth Day in 2013, General Secretary Xi Jinping had a discussion with outstanding youth representatives from all walks of life.

  At that time, Hua Ming, the captain of a submarine of Unit 92815, reported: "As a young soldier in the new era, I have caught up with the good age of a prosperous country and a strong army. Only by integrating my personal ideals and ambitions into the Chinese dream and the dream of a strong army can the beautiful youth become more colorful. ."

  The general secretary told him: "Now that the national strength of the country has increased, and the conditions for strengthening the army are gradually accelerated. Recently, I boarded the ship twice and felt that the overall level of the quality of the officers and soldiers has improved. They are ambitious and tenacious. The other is that the material conditions are great. In order to improve, we must be strong on the one hand, and on the other hand we must be inspiring and carry forward the spirit of hard work."

  On August 13, 2020, the “Great Service Three Company” of a brigade of the Army in the Central Theater took advantage of the training gap to carry out organizational theory study.

  The prosperity of the youth leads to the prosperity of the country, and the strong youth makes the country strong.

  The dream of a strong army belongs to the 1.4 billion Chinese people, especially the young soldiers.

Only after experiencing tenacious hard work and passionate struggle can we leave beautiful and regretless memories.

  In 2027, achieve the goal of building the army for a century.

  In 2035, the modernization of national defense and the military will be basically realized.

  In the middle of the 21st century, the People’s Army will be fully built into a world-class army.

  The mission is on the shoulders, and the horn is urging.

Young soldiers must cherish their precious youth, integrate into the great cause of strengthening the army and rejuvenating the army, and contribute their wisdom and strength to achieving the goal of strengthening the army and building a world-class army.

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