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The results of the regional elections on May 4 in the Community of Madrid have left historical deputies such as

Carla Antonelli (


out of the Assembly

and will lead to the premiere in the Vallecas Parliament of others such as former chief

Julio José Rodríguez

(United We Can ) or the former Secretary of State for Migration

Hanna Jalloul


The PP has obtained 65 seats (35 more than in 2019), Más Madrid and the PSOE have tied at 24 -Mónica García's win 4 and the Socialists lose 13-;

Vox adds one to 13, and United We can

go from 7 to 10 seats

in the Assembly.

With these results, the socialist group, led by Ángel Gabilondo, has been left without a seat until now, Health spokesman José Manuel Freire;

the transsexual activist of LGTBI rights Carla Antonelli or María Encarnación Moya, regional parliamentarian in the last seven legislatures.

The transsexual activist Carla Antonelli has recognized to Efe that with her position in the candidacy at number 35 it

was "very unlikely"

that she would obtain a position in the Madrid Assembly although she has asserted in her "pride and that

" she could not have come out with more honor "

of the regional Chamber after fighting fourteen years for LGTBI rights.

"That has been my sin anyway, I confess, but

I would do it again because I cannot change my principles or reinvent myself



said Antonelli, who has shown his "fear" at the electoral results where he has prevailed "more to drink a few beers than the killed by the pandemic ".

"Underrepresentation of transsexual people"

Yes, the former Secretary of State for Migration, Hanna Jalloul, will be in the PSOE group;

the president of the Senate,

Pilar Llop


the former Secretary of State for Sports Irene Lozano, and the former Director General of Disability Policies Jesús Celada, among others.

In her parliamentary work, the More Madrid candidate, Mónica García, will be accompanied by Pablo Gómez



Manuela Bergerot

-with extensive experience in historical



Antonio Sánchez

-coordinator of the parliamentary group in the Assembly this legislature and former adviser to Íñigo Errejón-;

María Pastor

-coporter of Verdes Equo Madrid-;

Alejandro Sánchez

-founder of Equo in 2011-;


Loreto Arenillas

-feminist activist-, among others.

Serigne Mbayé, from the Manteros Union

She will not have a seat in the Assembly Jimena González, number 28 on the list of Más Madrid for the May 4 elections, a position from which she wanted to contribute to ending the

"underrepresentation" of transsexual people

like her "in all spheres of public life ".

The decision of the United We Can candidate, Pablo Iglesias, to leave politics will make it possible for Julio José Rodríguez, who occupied number 11 of the candidacy, to join as a regional deputy.

Among the new incorporations of the purple group are the lawyer and anti-eviction activist

Alejandra Jacinto

and the spokesperson for the Manteros Union

, Serigne Mbayé.

Gonzalo Babé, the new one from Vox

The Vox candidate,

Rocío Monasterio

, will repeat with the deputies who formed the parliamentary group in the Assembly in the first part of the legislature, with a new face: Gonzalo



Marta Marbán, of the PP

Citizens, with Edmundo Bal as number one of the candidacy, will

disappear from the Madrid Assembly.

In the popular group, the councilors of the Government chaired by Isabel Díaz Ayuso will



Sergio Brabezo


Marta Marbán

will have a position

, who left Ciudadanos to join the PP list.

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