Berlin (dpa) - The Bundestag has condemned the violent clashes at the Berlin May demonstrations across all parliamentary groups.

The AfD interior expert Martin Hess spoke on Wednesday of an abuse of the right to demonstrate: "May 1st is proof of the failure of this government in the fight against left-wing extremism."

Left parliamentary group deputy André Hahn also expressly distanced himself from the riots: "Assaults on police officers cannot be justified."

Last Saturday, following largely peaceful demonstrations in the evening, there were outbreaks of violence in Berlin.

Policemen were pelted with stones and bottles and then used pepper spray.

According to the Senate Interior Administration, at least 93 police officers were injured.

While the AfD called for the fight against left-wing terrorists in the parliamentary debate, the other parties warned against playing down right-wing extremism.

The terrorist threat in Germany comes mainly from the right-wing extremist and Islamist corner, said the domestic political spokesman for the Union parliamentary group, Mathias Middelberg (CDU).

Irene Mihalic from the Greens admitted that the increase in left-wing extremist acts of violence was terrifying - but the greatest threat to internal security came from right-wing extremism.


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