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joint statement, foreign ministers from seven major countries and G7 pressured North Korea to refrain from provocations and participate in denuclearization negotiations. The U.S. Biden administration announced that it supports a new policy toward North Korea recently announced.

This is Jeong-Hyun Jeong.

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G7 foreign ministers from seven major countries, who have completed their two-day schedule in London, UK, issued a joint statement strongly pressing North Korea.

The joint statement stated, "We will maintain the goal of completely, verifiable and irreversibly abolishing all illegal weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles in North Korea."

He also said that he welcomed and supported the United States' efforts to achieve this goal, and also empowered the United States' new policy toward North Korea.

On the 100th day of the inauguration of the Joe Biden administration, the United States recently announced a new policy toward North Korea aimed at complete denuclearization.

Following that, G7 Foreign Ministers and others said, "We support the peaceful settlement of tensions on the Korean Peninsula, and North Korea should resume inter-Korean dialogue."

He also urged, "We will fully implement the UN sanctions, and North Korea must return to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the International Atomic Energy Agency as soon as possible."

Foreign Minister Eui-yong Eui-yong also attended the G7 meeting as an invited country, but was absent from a working-level dinner on the subject of North Korea.

In the midst of this, the Washington Post said, "The US administration tried to contact North Korea to convey the results of the review of the new North Korea policy,North Korea is not responding,” he reported.

The U.S. administration is also known to have no plans to appoint a special representative of the State Department, which is vacant, and tensions on both sides of North America are expected to continue for some time.