French high school students mobilize against holding the baccalaureate

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French high school students are demanding to be assessed at the continuous assessment for the 2021 baccalaureate. FREDERICK FLORIN / AFP

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After another month of closing high schools and distance learning courses, the students of Première and Terminale do not feel ready to take the Bac exams.

They claim to be evaluated in the continuous assessment, like the graduates of last year.

At the call of high school unions, more than 100 high schools were blocked last Monday.

The lockdowns continue this week.

At the Flora Tristan high school in Noisy-Le-Grand (93), in the Paris region, high school students have been mobilized since the start of the week.


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For three days, the gates of the Flora Tristan high school have been blocked by garbage cans, barriers or even pieces of wood.

The high school students sitting on the barricades have only one demand: the cancellation of the baccalaureate and a validation of the diploma by continuous assessment.

We are not ready, we have not had enough lessons, whether it be distance or face-to-face,"

says Adam, a student from Première.

In terms of continuous assessment, most of us have a really good average, whereas if we are put in front of a copy, there, overnight, we are really not going to be ready to answer a question…


A feeling of unfinished business shared by their History teacher, who came to show his support for the students: “ 

They are in a more difficult situation than those of last year who have completely passed into continuous assessment.

Concretely, they had half of the lessons in a program which, him, did not move.

For a review that takes place in a month.

At one point there is a need for clarification. 


Even if online courses were given during the closing periods, these weeks were not sufficiently formative, according to Léo, a mobilized high school student: “ 

Teachers were kind enough to make visios, but not all.

We had exercises sometimes without explanations, without lessons.

The Cned didn't work three-quarters of the time, we had to use third-party applications.

There have always been a lot of people absent, people who couldn't come and couldn't participate.

We have all experienced a somewhat special situation.


The students of Noisy-le-Grand will go to demonstrate with the other high schools, next Sunday, May 9.

► The Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer announced this Wednesday evening that for the philosophy test of the 2021 session of the baccalaureate, the students of Terminale will be able to keep the best mark between that of the test and that of the continuous assessment .

To take into account the consequences of the health crisis, " 

the final philosophy test continues to be organized and we will maintain the better of the two marks between the terminal control and the continuous control

 ", explained Mr. Blanquer on France 2. "

 He There are many students who have bad grades in continuous assessment and some need the test to catch up, it's a chance,

 ”he said.


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