Chinanews, May 6th, a comprehensive report that another Asian American was attacked in San Francisco, the United States.

On the 4th, a man attacked two Asian women waiting for a bus with a knife.

At present, the man has been arrested and the two women have been taken to the hospital. As of the 5th, the two have not been discharged.

  According to the police, the two women who were attacked were 65 and 85 years old. At the time, both of them were waiting for the bus.

  Among them, the 85-year-old victim was severely injured with a knife in the chest and arm and was admitted to the hospital.

Her granddaughter initiated a fundraiser, hoping to raise medical expenses for her grandmother. As of the 5th, more than $35,000 had been raised.

  An eyewitness said, “The attacker went straight to the victim and attacked with a knife in broad daylight.”

  About two hours after the incident, the police arrested 54-year-old Patrick Thompson on two counts of attempted murder.

Investigators are working to determine whether the attack was motivated by racial prejudice and whether hate crime charges should be filed in this case.

  In recent months, there have been many attacks against Asian and Pacific Americans in San Francisco.