Hanover (dpa / lni) - A 47-year-old woman confessed to stabbing her husband - allegedly out of fear for her life.

The judgment against the woman is expected at the Hanover Regional Court on Thursday (9.30 a.m.).

At the start of the trial, her defense lawyer said in a statement that she fought against her drunken husband, who pressed her head against the wall and pressed his forearm against her neck.

She picked up a knife, threatened the man and inadvertently injured him.

"I did not want to kill my husband," she said, according to the statement.

Her then 12 and now 13 year old daughter was there.

According to the indictment, the 47-year-old German is said to have stabbed her husband to death with a 15 centimeter long knife in the common house last October while he was sleeping (Ref .: 39 Ks 1/21)

She is said to have covered his mouth and rammed the knife into his chest.

The knife pierced the heart and the man died of internal bleeding within a very short time.

She took advantage of the victim's innocence and did not expect an attack.

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