Potsdam (dpa / bb) - In a special exhibition, the Lindenstrasse memorial in Potsdam is showing works by the graphic designer and caricaturist Klaus Staeck.

In the show "Klaus Staeck: Political Posters Revisited!"

37 posters by the artist, who was born in Pulsnitz near Dresden in 1938, as well as modules and videos will be shown until August 6, as announced by the memorial on its website.

The 83-year-old is one of the most famous poster artists in Germany, his posters were aimed at political actors and events in the old Federal Republic.

The exhibition was initially due to open online in the evening.

Some of Staeck's political posters are more than 40 years old and yet as current as ever, said Brandenburg's Minister of Culture Manja Schüle (SPD) in a video message for the virtual opening. "They are works of a great artistic and political spirit - and an encouragement not to lose sight of a better, fairer, more peaceful world," said the minister. The posters had also had an impact in the GDR and referred to the conditions in their own society.

According to the memorial, members of the New Forum opened the first Staeck exhibition in the house on May 1, 1990: On the occasion of the upcoming local elections, the poster artist showed his provocative works of art in the corridors of the former prison.

31 years later, the special show is showing the posters again, aiming to open up new perspectives on the historic site: "Which actors in the Potsdam democracy movement were involved, what mood of optimism prevailed in Potsdam a few days before the first free local elections?"


According to the Ministry of Culture, the Lindenstrasse Memorial Foundation commemorates those persecuted by the Nazi dictatorship, the Soviet occupation and the SED dictatorship in the former prison.

She is committed to political and historical education and promotes science and research at the memorial.

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