A thief is laughing at a store in the United States when it is revealed that he is running away by stealing a bunch of useless items.


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A thief hit a store in California, USA.

The culprit wearing a red hat quickly ran to the counter and swept something intensively, but it was nothing but a bunch of lottery tickets.

The man who had all the lottery tickets in six drawers in his arms ran away, but the crime aimed solely at the lottery was ended in just 25 seconds.

However, despite this speed, the lotteries stolen by men turned out to be useless.

This is because if a report is received that the lottery ticket has been stolen, the lottery management committee will immediately look up the serial number and exclude it from winning.

Eventually, this man became a criminal stealing a lottery ticket that was just a piece of paper.

Netizens who saw this responded, "If you have a bad head, you have a hard time with your body, so that's right!"

(Screen source: YouTube KCRA News)