, Beijing, May 4 (Reporter Sun Zifa) "Our youth is very special, it revolves around a pot."

  Jiang Peng, a researcher at the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that this "pot" is extraordinary. It is a world-class super large scientific project in Pingtang, Guizhou-the 500-meter spherical radio telescope (FAST), which is a major national scientific and technological infrastructure. "China Sky Eye" is also a "world giant eye" open to the world.

  From the father of "China Sky Eye" and people’s scientist Nan Rendong first proposed the FAST project concept in 1994, to 2001, the FAST pre-study was approved as the first batch of "Major Innovative Projects" of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; construction started in March 2011 to 2016 Inaugurated in September; from January 2020 through the national acceptance and put into formal operation, it will be officially opened to the world at the end of March 2021; from the first discovery of 6 new pulsars in October 2017, more than 340 pulsars have been discovered so far And made a series of major breakthroughs in research fields such as rapid radio bursts...

  After decades of hard work in the crater of karst landforms, the FAST team of the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences raised the world-famous "China Eye" with passionate youth.

Data map: "China Sky Eye" (FAST) located in Pingtang, Guizhou.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Sun Zifa

Grow together with "China Sky Eye"

  "Most of my scientific research results are based on FAST. It can be said that my scientific research and engineering growth has benefited from FAST, which was cultivated by FAST. I feel very lucky to be able to participate in such a country's important tool these years. s project."

  Yao Rui, head of the Mechanical Group of the Structural and Mechanical Engineering Department of the FAST Operation and Development Center (FAST Center), said that she participated in the FAST project when she first entered Tsinghua University as a graduate student in 2005. During the construction period, she was responsible for the feed cabin work, through bold innovation and experimentation. , Successfully transformed the feed cabin from a traditional cylinder into a "diamond triangle".

  Yu Dongjun, the head of the measurement group of the FAST Center Measurement and Control Engineering Department, who has worked at FAST for 12 years, participated in the entire process of FAST from construction to commissioning.

"Have worked hard, struggled, pursued, and lost, but more is the gain and happiness in the process of growing up with FAST."

  He said that in the process of participating in the construction of FAST, he has been tempered and grown. As a young scientific researcher, he has a better understanding of responsibility and responsibility, that is, to do what he should do well and be responsible for the results.

  Li Hui, Director of the Structural and Mechanical Engineering Department of the FAST Center, has been working in FAST for 15 years after graduation. He has witnessed the growth process of FAST from scratch and from concept to reality. He has also grown into a person who connects science, technology and engineering management. Integrated talents together.

  "Only a large-scale project like FAST can provide me with such an opportunity to touch various fields and enrich my own experience. This kind of opportunity is undoubtedly a kind of wealth, which greatly expands my horizons and enhances my future work. The self-confidence in overcoming all difficulties." Li Hui said.

  Sun Jinghai, director of the Measurement and Control Engineering Department of the FAST Center, joined FAST as a graduate student of Nan Rendong in 2005 and participated in the simulation and experimental research of the feed support system. After graduation, he joined the FAST engineering team and successively carried out key technology research and programs in multiple disciplines. Design and engineering implementation.

  He said that as a young science and technology worker, "I have put 15 years of sweat and effort into FAST. At the same time, FAST has also helped me grow, expand my knowledge and experience, and continue to gain confidence in overcoming difficulties and setbacks."

  Gan Hengqian, director of the Electronic and Electrical Engineering Department of the FAST Center, believes that the FAST team is a team with a majority of young people and playing a huge role. Many of them have grown up with FAST.

FAST is also a platform, which provides huge development space for these young people to grow up.

  He said that the current FAST team is made up of outstanding, responsible and responsible young people who have grown up step by step in the construction, commissioning and operation of FAST.

"As a member of the FAST team, I feel very honored."

I'm proud that my youth burns at FAST

  "My youth is burning here, I feel very proud." Sun Chun, an on-site operation and maintenance engineer of the FAST center, graduated with a master's degree and joined FAST in 2012. Since 2014, he has been onsite for a long time at the FAST site and has successively engaged in integrated wiring construction and FAST master control system. Software and hardware debugging and trial observation work. From 2020 to now, he has been engaged in the FAST observation plan arrangement.

  She said that from her 20s to now her 30s, she will continue to work at FAST.

"Not many people have the opportunity to participate in the construction and operation and maintenance of the big country heavy equipment. Such an opportunity is too rare. As a young generation, I hope that I can become a bond, strengthen my sense of responsibility and mission, and maintain FAST well. , To live up to the expectations of the country and the people."

  Pan Gaofeng, director of the integrated management department of the FAST Center, joined the FAST team in 2008 after graduating with a doctorate degree. He has completed the site selection of the FAST feeder support six towers, the development and construction of large-span flexible six-cable parallel robots, and the development of moving optical cables.

  He said that in the past 13 years of ups and downs along the way, he often encountered the desperate situation of "there is no way out of the mountains and rivers", and he can also enjoy the joy of "another village in the dark and under the sun.

It is the deep "scientific sentiment" of the FAST team that allows them to endure loneliness, sit on the bench, dedicate their youth and persevere in the difficult environment of Dawotai.

  As a science and technology worker in the new era, "We must operate and maintain the'Chinese Sky Eye' well, and create more observation time, so that more astronomers can use our equipment to see the universe more clearly and produce More scientific achievements will contribute more'Chinese wisdom' in the tide of world technological innovation." Pan Gaofeng said.

  Yao Rui said that young people link their personal scientific research development with national needs, which is a process of mutual growth of personal abilities and national strength.

In the path of scientific research, she will stick to the front line, sink her heart and continue to do scientific research, and use the innovative experience and way of thinking accumulated in FAST to help more scientific research breakthroughs.

  Li Hui is very honored to join a R&D and entrepreneurial team such as FAST, who can contribute to the development of China's astronomy industry and the advancement of science and technology, devote his youth and sweat, and practice "Giving back to the public, giving back to society, and giving back to the country". Responsibility.

  Sun Jinghai believes that the advantage of young people is that they are full of curiosity, creativity and fear of failure.

"Curiosity made me join the FAST team and dare to try a technical field that I am not familiar with; creativity makes up for the lack of experience, and I can find another way in the face of difficulties. I firmly believe that there are more ways than difficulties; not afraid of failure, let us be on the road of creation. Stick to it".

Inherit the spirit of Nan Rendong's dedication to science

  In the heart of the FAST team, Nan Rendong, who created the "Chinese Sky Eye" and sacrificed his life for it, is a godlike existence.

  Jiang Peng, the executive deputy director and chief engineer of the FAST Center, has always retained the WeChat message reported to Nan Rendong that "our telescope can track" and Nan Rendong's last reply before his death.

He believes that Teacher Nan is the starting point for everyone's story in the FAST team.

  Qian Lei, head of the Scientific Observation Group of the Scientific Observation and Data Department of the FAST Center, who has worked at FAST for 12 years, recalled that when he first came to FAST to register, Mr. Nan Rendong and his colleagues invited him and his new colleagues to have lunch in the cafeteria and talked about future work. Teacher Nan did not have the lead of leadership, which made him firm his belief in working at FAST.

  In Qian Lei's impression, Teacher Nan seems to be at the unit at all times. He occasionally meets Teacher Nan when he comes to the office to pick up books during National Day and Spring Festival holidays.

"At this time, Mr. Nan asked me to discuss some scientific issues, which he thought about in his early years and between engineering work. Most discussions have no answers, but I can see different perspectives and ways of thinking, which is very rewarding for me. On the one hand, seeing Teacher Nan working so hard, I dare not slack off."

  Qian Lei said that now that young researchers have gradually taken over the work of FAST, they must do their best to produce good results and make great contributions to FAST.

  As a postgraduate jointly trained by the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Huang Menglin joined the FAST team after graduating in June 2014 and is mainly responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of the FAST data center.

As a young science and technology worker, she feels that in addition to completing her daily work diligently, she also needs to have a tireless learning attitude and foster a sense of innovation.

  It is necessary to inherit and carry forward the glorious traditions of the older generation of scientists, endure hardships and stand hard work, be rigorous and realistic, and concentrate on research.

"For example, our beloved teacher Nan Rendong, whose statue always stands beside the door of FAST complex building, I see teacher Nan through the window of the office, thinking about his life's hard work for FAST, and inspiring me to contribute to FAST and It will be worth it in this life for a powerful country with science and technology to contribute its meager power.

  Gan Hengqian believes that the FAST team is also a team with a glorious tradition. The older generation of FAST scientific researchers represented by Nan Rendong, devoted themselves to research, worked silently, insisted on independent innovation, and worked hard. It took more than 20 years to overcome many FAST constructions. A technical problem has turned a simple idea into the current "Chinese Sky Eye".

  The young generation of FAST scientific and technological workers standing at this historical node should continue to carry forward the spirit of Nanrendong, take responsibility, and maintain FAST operation and maintenance, maintain excellent observation performance, produce high-quality observational data, and give back to the society with major scientific achievements.

  Yao Rui pointed out that FAST faced many doubts at the beginning, when it was designed, and even at the final stage of construction. During this process, Mr. Nan insisted on it for more than 20 years. Young scientific researchers should learn this spirit, and persevere when looking for the direction, and move forward courageously. .

  Today, "China Sky Eye" has been officially put into operation and opened to the world, and the follow-up goal and direction of the FAST team's youth power have attracted much attention.

  Sun Chun revealed that FAST has developed an English application review system for observing projects to achieve a "one-stop" service from application, creation, arrangement, and execution.

"We will continue to improve, hoping to provide better basic services for astronomical scientists around the world, so that FAST can produce more results."

  Jiang Peng said that to make an easy-to-use astronomical telescope is the original intention that cannot be forgotten. It is hoped that the latecomers will make good use of the FAST equipment, which is a bright vision for the future.

From now on, the FAST team needs to change its mentality and role positioning, from the past construction, debugging, and operation and maintenance to more services. Although Chinese and foreign users are "difficult to adjust", the FAST team must establish a fair observation mechanism and strive to provide good services to global scientists .