In the night from Sunday to Monday around 4 am, a patrol of the surveillance and intervention platoon of the Libourne gendarmerie notes that a motorist has just passed a red light in a street in Coutras, in the Gironde.

While the military ordered him to stop, he fled at high speed on the D10.

Pursued by the patrol, he ends up losing control of his vehicle which rolls over before ending up in the Isle river, says the Gironde gendarmerie on its Facebook page. 

The gendarmes jumped into the water to rescue the reckless motorist who found himself stranded in the passenger compartment of his car.

They smashed the door windows to free him from the car and bring him to the surface.

Getting out with minor injuries, he was taken to Libourne hospital.

He tested positive for alcohol and narcotics and will soon be summoned to answer for several traffic violations.


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