The pedophile platform "Boystown" was created just a few years ago.

How long it has been active on Darknet is still unclear, but according to the police, Darknet contains even more similar chat sites.

Limited resources make it difficult for the police to identify the presence of the hidden chats where sex offenders gather.

- We could identify more similar platforms if we had more staff, says Björn Sellström, crime commissioner and business developer of internet-related sexual crimes against children at NOA.

The members often have their own children

Between 150 and 200 police officers are actively working to identify pedophilia on the internet.

The children who are exposed are often small children who are close to the perpetrator.

The members of the hidden pedophile sites are often the parents themselves, the commissioner says.

- It is often a requirement to share something in order to gain access yourself.

You climb the hierarchy by contributing content.

Identification work is the biggest priority

The police work actively with pedophilia issues and the most important part of an investigation of pedophilia is the identification work.

The need for international cooperation between countries is great and to be able to identify the perpetrators is, according to Sellström, a difficult puzzle.

- Quite a lot of answers are given online.

You get to look at backgrounds and share information with each other on an international level and build puzzles.

The more we work and the more we look, the more we find.

In Sweden, the penalty scale for pedophile crimes is between one and six years in prison.

It is also common to get into serious crimes quickly.

Materials such as pictures can be a good basis for the police that can help start an investigation.

- If we only have enough feet, we do house searches and from there proceed with an investigation.