Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) recognized the achievements of doctors and nurses in the corona pandemic.

After doctors and nurses in hospitals and practices had already braced themselves against the first and second wave, "even now in the third wave they are giving everything for us every day," said Merkel on Tuesday in a video message at the start of the German Doctors' Day.

For this "self-sacrificing effort" in the care of patients, not only those suffering from corona, as well as in testing and vaccination, "I thank them with all my heart," said Merkel.

The health system was "put to the test" by the pandemic.

She referred to the federal emergency brake decided around two weeks ago, which aims to break the third wave and to limit the number of new infections "again to a level with which we avoid overloading the health care system".

The key to ending the pandemic is vaccination.

"It is very encouraging that vaccination is gaining momentum," emphasized the Chancellor.

"Must ensure good professional conditions in the medical field"


As vaccine production and delivery increase, more and more medical practices could be involved in the vaccination campaign.

In addition, people suffering from many other diseases must also be cared for at all times.

This also makes it clear how important it is to secure a good level of skilled workers.

"That is why we have to do everything we can to ensure good working conditions in the medical field, including the nursing staff," said Merkel.

The two-day doctors' day, which otherwise gathers hundreds of doctors, takes place exclusively in online format due to the corona crisis.

The focus of the Doctors' Day is primarily on the lessons and experiences from the corona pandemic.


The delegates will also discuss the consequences for the medical profession of the judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court on assisted suicide.

Last year, the Federal Constitutional Court overturned the 2015 ban on promoting euthanasia.