(Fighting against new crown pneumonia) Biden: The situation of the US epidemic will be "very different" by the end of summer

  China News Agency, Washington, May 3 (Reporter Chen Mengtong) US President Biden said during an inspection in Virginia on the 3rd that by the end of this summer, the situation in the United States "will be very different from what it is now."

  Biden visited a community college in Virginia that day.

When asked when the United States will achieve herd immunity, Biden did not respond positively, only making the above statement.

Data map: US President Biden.

  According to data from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 20 o'clock on the 3rd, the number of confirmed cases of new crown in the United States reached 32.469 million and 577,000 deaths.

According to statistics from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as of the 3rd, 104 million adults in the United States have been vaccinated, more than 40% of the total population.

  With the guarantee of vaccine supply, the average seven-day vaccination dose in the United States exceeded 3 million doses in mid-April, and has now fallen to 2.4 million doses.

CBS reported on the 3rd that the pace of vaccination across the United States has slowed, and at least 22 states have not required full supply of vaccines in the new week.

  According to the Biden administration's plan, by the end of May, the US vaccine supply will be sufficient to cover all adult populations.

However, encouraging Americans who are not willing to vaccinate to vaccinate will be a major challenge for the next stage of the United States' anti-epidemic work.

  A survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in March showed that about 70% of the respondents were willing or had been vaccinated, but 30% still did not want to be vaccinated.

Among those unwilling to be vaccinated, the proportions of "may not be vaccinated" and "absolutely not vaccinated" each accounted for 15%.

  In order to further expand the population to be vaccinated, various states and local governments in the United States have made "strange tricks" to encourage people to be vaccinated in the form of bonuses, gift cards, or in kind.

For example, young residents of West Virginia who are vaccinated can get a $100 savings bond; New Jersey gives a vaccination and beer; Harris County, Texas allocates $250,000 to purchase gift cards to reward vaccinated residents.

  "The New York Times" published an article on the 3rd and analyzed that in view of the decline in the vaccination rate in the United States, public health experts generally believe that the United States may not be able to reach the threshold of herd immunity in the short term.

The new coronavirus is likely to become "a controllable threat, and it will continue to spread in the United States in the next few years."

  "There is controversy about the proportion that constitutes herd immunity." Biden said, "but the point is that now people over 16 years old can get vaccinated without queuing up. My request to everyone is to get the vaccine now." Finish)