At least 13 people have died and about 70 have been injured when a bridge of the elevated track of line 12 of the

Mexico City

Metro collapsed on Monday night




and two wagons fell on an avenue along which multitudes of vehicles circulated.

The Secretary of the Government of Mexico City,

José Alfonso Suárez del Real

, explained that the injured are being transferred to the hospitals in Tlahuac and Iztapalapa.

The first video images show how two subway cars fell on the road where dozens of vehicles were circulating at that time

At the scene, the emergency services arrived immediately to attend to the injured, possible deaths and to remove the collapsed train.

"Transferring me at this time to the site of the incident on line 12. He reported as soon as he arrives," the head of Government of

Mexico City


Claudia Sheibaum

, announced on Twitter


The accident occurred shortly before 10:20 pm local time (03:20 GMT) between the

Olivos and Tezonco stations


In a video of the cameras of the surveillance system of the Government of

Mexico City, it

is observed how the elevated structure breaks when the train collapses along with the construction from

a height of about 20 meters

and two wagons of the convoy are left in "V" and hit the ground.

The crash occurred on Tláhuac avenue, where there was moderate traffic.

The installation is part of the metro bridge built during the administration of the then head of government

Marcelo Ebrard


The accident occurred even a couple of kilometers from the Periférico Oriente highway and dozens of agents from the

Secretariat of Citizen Security and Civil Protection arrived

at the place but at the moment there are no official data on injuries and deaths.

In the images shared through social networks by many users, the fallen wagons on a bus and on at least two cars can be seen.

On January 9, there was a fire in the control center of the Mexico City Metro, in the Historic Center, which caused one death and at least

30 intoxicated workers

, in addition to six lines without service.

The Metro of the Mexican capital transports about 6 million people every working day, which makes it

one of the busiest in the world

, although its demand drops during the weekend.

Various citizen organizations have criticized the precariousness of the facilities and the lack of maintenance that causes frequent interruptions in the Metro service.

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