In addition, a spokesman for the Democratic Party, Yong-bin Lee, said, "Eating fire extinguishing agents can lead to death due to the side effects of drugs," in connection with the recent controversy over the side effects of the Corona 19 vaccine.

Today (4th), spokesman Lee met with reporters after a briefing at the Corona 19 Vaccine Inspection Meeting held in the National Assembly and made this statement, alerting excessive concerns about the vaccine.

"It is important to trust and cooperate with the government's quarantine measures in order to overcome the national crisis situation," Lee said at a briefing. Pointed out.

"Currently, the vaccine is regularly and stable, and the vaccination is progressing without any disruption," he said. "The avoidance of vaccination without evidence is more dangerous than the side effect of the vaccine with a probability of 1 in 10 million."

Later, when the reporters asked about the case of a female police officer who had side effects after vaccination, Lee said, "In general, there have always been serious side effects in the case of drugs." I answered.

He said, "The government is planning appropriate measures for the part that complains of excessive damage even if the cause-and-effect relationship has been proved or not proved." Let’s watch the video together.

(Composition: Hwiran Kim, editor: Heeju Cha)