After the revelations on the deconfinement calendar by the President of the Republic last Thursday, all sectors are starting to come to life.

Even tourism.

In the Front de Mer campsite, in Argelès-sur-Mer, the regulars responded on Monday, at the reopening. 


"It's heartwarming!", Says Joëlle Faille, the manager of a campsite in Argelès-sur-Mer.

In the tourism sector, professionals saw Emmanuel Macron's deconfinement announcements last Thursday as a relief.

They were able to reopen their doors on Monday even if, in normal times, their season begins on April 1.

This year, they were forced to remain closed, as long as travel between regions and beyond 10 km was prohibited.

"It's vacation!"

"We got up this morning being happy to open", adds the manager of the Front de Mer campsite. Of nearly 600 pitches, only a handful are already occupied but the joy of welcoming holidaymakers again is good present.

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On her terrace, Patricia takes advantage.

She was the first to arrive, from Hauts-de-France.

As soon as the 10km limit was lifted, she wanted to find her mobile home.

"It feels good, it changes our lives. It's incredible!", She exclaims in the sun.

She usually comes in April but this year she was prevented from doing so by confinement.

Luckily, she was able to postpone her week off.

Result: "It's vacation!"

A very strict health protocol

The reception conditions are still limited: no swimming pool or entertainment.

And catering services are take out.

The health protocol is also very strict.

Dominique and her team of housekeepers are busy in the common areas and mobile homes.

"We blow a special bomb in the mobile home to disinfect everything. Then we clean the mobile home as usual so that everything is square when people are going to flock", she explains.

Before adding, in the direction of Joëlle: "Finally, we hope they will come, otherwise we are bad boss!"

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The pool is scheduled to open from May 19. This does not prevent reservations for the Ascension weekend. As for the summer months, they are already almost full.