Today (4th), the National Assembly personnel hearing will be held for candidates from the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, as well as five ministerial ministers. The candidates are facing a variety of suspicions, and they are pushing for a thorough verification of the opposition party.

This is Park Won-kyung.


Today's personnel hearings are five candidates, including candidate Lim Hye-sook and Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Hye-sook Lim and Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

Candidate Hyesuk Lim is suspicious of accumulating his spouse as co-author of academic papers several times.

In addition, suspicions of business trips to foreign countries with their children at overseas academic events, suspicion of writing down contracts in the past, and controversy over possession of the Democratic Party were raised.

Candidate Hyung-wook Noh is suspicious of moving in disguise to educate children and so-called government finance.

In addition, candidate Park Jun-young, the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, was suspicious of illegally selling ceramics, etc. in the past tens of millions of won by a spouse while working at the British Embassy in Korea without paying customs duties.

Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy candidate Moon Seung-wook was suspicious of evading the child gift tax, and Employment and Labor Minister Gyeong-deok Gyeong-deok was suspicious that his name was on the company's gift list.

The power of the people foretold the verification of the awl, asking if the hearing on the personnel of the candidate for the minister was an exhibition of Naero Nambul.

[Baejunyoung / people's forces hospital spokesman: This is of national forces will be inadequate sentence in the name of clearly provide the people of the candidate turns out as ineligible at this hearing]

the effectiveness of the 2.4-housing policy with integrity verification of candidates In a hearing today, and A battle is expected on policy issues such as the government's policy of leaving nuclear power plants.