Regarding the large-scale inoculation of the new coronavirus vaccine, Minister of Defense Kishi expressed his intention to work with local governments to prepare for the opening of the Tokyo venue on May 24, and to hurry to select the inoculation venue in Osaka. It was.

In order to accelerate the vaccination of the new corona virus, the government has decided to set up large-scale vaccination venues in Tokyo and Osaka, and in Tokyo, the Ministry of Defense, which will install and operate it, is preparing for the opening on May 24. We are.

At a press conference, Minister of Defense Kishi said, "As soon as possible, we will first prepare for elderly people aged 65 and over to receive two vaccinations. There will be no confusion about how to reserve vaccinations. I would like to firmly promote information sharing with local governments. "

Regarding the inoculation venue in Osaka, he said, "We are currently hitting a candidate site," and expressed his intention to hurry to select a venue so that inoculation can be started early.

Communist Tamura Policy Committee Chairman "Is it really possible?"

At a press conference, the Communist Party's policy chairman, Tamura, said, "Self-Defense Forces doctors and nurses who receive large-scale inoculations are actually treating at SDF hospitals and accepting patients with the new Corona. Is it really possible to deal with inoculation? Unless the budget committee takes time to deliberate, it will not be an explanation to the public. "