In the P1 documentary "The disloyal care assistant", relatives and employees say that Attendo lied about the care at one of the company's nursing homes during the corona pandemic.

According to SR, the company, which is the Nordic region's largest care company, has said that it runs cohort care, ie that it isolates the sick from other patients.

- The information that emerges is of course very serious.

However, it is important that those responsible for the activity are also allowed to give their picture of the information and that the city is allowed to make its evaluation.

A follow-up is now underway of Sabbatsbergsbyn together between Norrmalm's business follow-up and the elderly administration's inspectors, writes the senior citizens' council Erik Slottner (KD), in a comment to SVT Stockholm.

A: IVO must turn every stone when it comes to cohort care

The meaning of cohort care is that the infected should not be mixed with people who have not been infected.

Here, Attendo must have broken according to the P1 documentary.

- It is justified to have IVO examine whether the cohort care has broken down in more housing and how the city management has acted to ensure that the requirements for cohort care, both in private and municipal elderly care, are complied with.

We must turn every stone so that the same mistakes are not repeated in future pandemics.

In this case, it is obvious that it has not worked and it is important that we can now get an overall picture of why it has not done so, says Opposition Citizens' Councilor Karin Wanngård (S).

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Employee: "We could not give the care that attendo had promised" - here are the secret conversations from the documentary Photo: Morgonstudion