• State aid, EU: Alitalia in constant loss, different in the case of Air France


29 April 2021 The Irish low-cost airline Ryanair filed an appeal with the Court of Justice of the European Union against the approval of a direct loan of about 200 million euros by the Italian government to Alitalia to compensate it for the damages related to the covid .

Ansa learns this from sources close to the Irish carrier. Ryanair claims it is an abuse of power by the EU commission to authorize new aid to Alitalia while the company is already the subject of an investigation into possible state aid for two bridging loans totaling 1.3 billion.

On the other side, Ita's take-off is still at a standstill, and at best the green light for the newco will arrive in July, while the offensive of foreign companies on the Italian market is becoming increasingly fierce. The advance has already begun for months and the risk that the new Alitalia will lose market share in favor of the competition, especially the low cost one, has been clearly indicated by the CEO of Ita, Fabio Lazzerini.