As many as 91 percent of all 80-plus people born in Sweden have been vaccinated.

The corresponding figure among people over 80 born in North Africa is 59 percent, and 44 percent among people in the same age group born in the rest of Africa.

Followed up with several examinations

- We do not know the reasons behind the smaller numbers in these groups.

We are following this up with several investigations, says state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell at Thursday's press conference.

Foreign-born have also to a greater extent been ill with covid-19, needed intensive care and died as a result of the disease, according to the Public Health Agency's calculations.

Foreign-born are prioritized

Tegnell points out that foreign-born people are given priority in the various vaccination phases, and by increasing the coverage in the group, lives can be saved.

- Hard-to-reach and vulnerable groups are prioritized through all phases, he says.

Ekot asks during the press conference if the Public Health Agency has failed to reach the groups.

- We are working to try to reach these groups, it is not easy.

Further efforts and measures are needed here, Anders Tegnell answers.