Chinanews, April 28, according to Korean media reports, South Korea's Samsung Electronics said on the 28th that the inheritance tax payable by the survivors of the late former chairman Li Jianxi was as high as 12 trillion won (approximately 69.9 billion yuan).

According to reports, the tax hit a record high.

Data map: The late Samsung Group Chairman Lee Jianxi and Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong (left).

  Combined with the calculation of the tax rate, most of Li Jianxi's estate will be inherited by the survivors such as Vice Chairman Li Jae-yong.

After the death of Samsung Group founder Li Bingzhe, Li Jianxi and other family members paid an inheritance tax of 17.6 billion won, which also set the highest record in the year, and Li Jianxi’s inheritance tax was 680 times that of the previous generation.

  According to reports, due to the difficulty of raising huge taxes of more than 12 trillion won at one time, it is expected that Lee Jianxi’s survivors will choose to pay in six installments within five years.

  On the 28th, Li Jianxi’s survivors publicly announced their inheritance return plan and announced that they would donate 60% of Li Jianxi’s inheritance to the society.

  According to industry speculation, Lee Kin-hee’s legacy totals 30 trillion won, including shares in subsidiaries such as Samsung Life, Samsung Electronics, and Samsung C&T, Hannam-dong residences, Yongin Everland land, and art collections.

  The survivors plan to pay one-sixth of the inheritance tax on April 30, or about 2 trillion won, and the rest will be paid in installments over five years.

According to reports, the Lee family who inherited Lee Jianxi's estate may raise inheritance taxes through stock dividends and loans.