China News Service, April 28. The National Film Administration website announced on the 28th that it will strengthen the protection of film copyright, crack down on short video infringement and piracy in accordance with the law, and maintain a good network environment for the development of high-quality films.

  Recently, in response to the boycott of short video infringements proposed by some film and television industry associations, film companies and actors, the relevant person in charge of the National Film Administration stated that the protection of film copyright is to maintain the healthy and sound development of the film industry, stimulate innovation and creative vitality, and promote the high-quality development of films. The important foundation of.

The National Film Administration has always attached great importance to the protection of film copyright. In recent years, it has been working with public security and copyright departments to continuously crack down on illegal and criminal acts such as film piracy and piracy. It has included film works in the early warning list of copyright protection, and promoted various network service providers to take effective measures. Measures to prevent infringement and piracy in advance.

  The National Film Administration will conscientiously implement the central government’s arrangements for comprehensively strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights. In response to the current prominent problems of “Watching Movies in XX Minutes” and other short video infringements and piracy, it will cooperate with the National Copyright Administration to continue to increase the copyright infringement of short videos. We will resolutely rectify the unauthorized copying, editing, and dissemination of other people’s film works by producers and operators of short video platforms, self-media and public accounts, and actively protect the legal rights of film copyright owners.

  The National Film Administration supports film copyright collective management organizations to strengthen their own construction, carry out collective management of film copyrights in accordance with the law, and encourage joint film copyright protection with the theater film copyright protection alliance, etc., on the one hand to protect the legal rights of film copyright owners, on the other hand to facilitate The user uses it legally.

  The National Film Administration advocates all network platforms, self-media, and public account producers and operators to actively fulfill their legal obligations on copyright protection, legally use film copyrights, and not to copy, edit, or distribute other people’s film works without authorization, strengthen self-examination and clean-up, and improve films The actual effect of handling copyright complaints, to better play the active role of short videos in film promotion, reviews, and research.