- During this period, the students have brought home tasks that they already recognize.

As a teacher, I have since called every day either via video call or telephone to help them with their tasks, says Maria Jansson who is a teacher in year 3 at Stureskolan.

Severely affected by corona infection

Hedemora municipality has recently been hit hard by corona infection.

It is also noticeable at Stureskolan, where last week all students from F-class to year 6 were sent home due to infection in the classes.

When SVT Dalarna visits the school, most of the children are now back at school, all except year 3, which is the year group where most students have been infected.

- Distance education for such small children is usually never good and therefore we now hope that they can come back to school next week so that they can receive education on site, says principal Anna Gummesson.

In the clip, you can see and hear the teacher Maria Jansson talk about what it is like to teach year three at a distance.