Guangxi is the autonomous region with the largest minority population in my country


Transliterated as "Benon"

The meaning of brothers and sisters, relatives and friends in Zhuang language

It symbolizes the close unity between the Zhuang ethnic group and other fraternal ethnic groups

Hug each other tightly like pomegranate seeds

Guangxi is a red hot land

From the Vigorous Baise Uprising in 1929

Put the red flag on Zhennan Pass by 1949

Bagui's sons and daughters are united to go to the national crisis and greet the liberation together

△The liberation of Guilin on November 22, 1949

Guangxi is one of the main battlefields for poverty alleviation

Outstanding Communist Party Member Huang Wenxiu Sacrifices on the Road to Alleviate Poverty

General Secretary Instructions

The majority of party members and cadres and young comrades must

Take Comrade Huang Wenxiu as an example

Don't forget the original heart, keep in mind the mission, be brave to take on responsibility, and be willing to contribute

△Huang Wenxiu's work during his lifetime

Maonan, one of the 28 minorities in my country

Poverty alleviation

General Secretary Instructions

Keep working hard and keep fighting

Let the days go by


2018 General Secretary Xi Jinping

Inscription for the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

"Building a magnificent Guangxi to realize the dream of rejuvenation"

In this Guangxi inspection

General Secretary's attention

Studying History and Enhancing the Credit of Rural Rejuvenation Ecological Construction

Industrial upgrading and national unity

The general secretary emphasized

Complete, accurate and comprehensive implementation of the new development concept

Serve and integrate into the new development pattern

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  Commentator丨Yang Yu

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  Reporter丨Ling Feng Xue Guannan Liu Jianchang

  Production丨Ling Wenfang

  Coordination丨Zhang Xiaopeng, Lu Xinyu, Li Xueyao