Direct report · What do you think about the penalties for drunk driving?


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1 tim07.56

It's OK with a month's imprisonment for first-time offenders who drive drunk.

Maybe they'll learn a lesson.

But in repeated cases, long prison sentences should be imposed.

Preferably several years.

Above all, to protect other citizens in traffic as these recidivist drunk drivers have no intention of stopping driving drunk.

Peter Andersson

1 tim07.18

Increase the penalty significantly.

Also try to get convicts to go to treatment for their addiction.

States that legalize cannabis have increased fatalities, stop flummoxing!

Gets pissed off when I read relativizing comments, do flummers themselves want to explain your pale excuses to relatives of innocent traffic victims?

The reasoning itself clearly shows how insensitive and egocentric addicts become.

With such reasoning, risks increase that the rest of us do not want to accept.

Honor to the lord, they were sober

Increase penalties require treatment

2 tim06.15

Crazy for low penalties

Lars Westman

2 tim06.15

Cannabis impairs the ability to drive twice as much as if when one is sober, alcohol impairs the ability to drive 14 times as much.

Maybe it's time to replace the people's intoxicants with something less harmful?

Of course, you should never operate a vehicle under the influence of drugs, but when you work with damage minimization, you have to look at things like this.

Carl Nyman

16 tim16.25

Drug drunk driving is increasing as more people use drugs, how to reduce the risk of everyone being killed by drug drunk drivers?


16 tim16.25

Old man who realized that I should not drink more alcohol because my judgment changed.

It's been 30 years since I took my last sip and I do not miss alcohol at all.

Can do everything on a sober caliber which I did not think when I drank.

Of course I drove drunk, sat for a month in an institution etc. etc.

Only alcoholics drive after drinking, the solution for them is not to drink.

If you can not stop, seek help.


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Here you can share your experiences.

Have you been in an accident caused by drunk driving?

Have you ever driven under the influence?

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