[World Report] On

the 17th, in Ota City, Gunma Prefecture, Japan, a fire suddenly broke out in the electric pole, causing a power outage of about 1,700 households in the nearby area for 40 minutes.

[Local residents: It was the first time that there was a power outage due to a fire in Jeonju.] When a

power company investigated the cause of the fire, it was because of a nest made by a crow.

The crow stole the iron hangers that are easy to get from the house and laid the foundation, but the part where the clothes of the hanger was peeled touched the electric pole and caused a fire.

The crow's nest has made the power company's employees busy.

Over twenty hangers are tangled in this crow's nest.

[Saito/Tokyo Electric Power Staff: (Even if it is demolished) It is difficult to repeat it because it is built in another place.] In

Asakusa, Tokyo, local residents caught the site of a crow making a nest from the beginning.

They came with hangers one by one and took their place, and after a month, it became a nest with dozens of hangers piled up.

[Tokyo residents: Recently, there is a coronavirus, and it may be that the number of people outside has decreased.]

Crow nests are found not only in large cities, but all over Japan.

Experts say that crows who redecorate their nests during the breeding season are sensitive and aggressive, and urge them not to throw objects or approach them.