In addition, Rep. Song Young-gil, who ran for the Democratic Party's presidential election, announced that he would pursue a plan that allows rental housing residents to pay rent at half the current level.

Rep. Song appeared on SBS News' digital original content'Ishbla' and said, "For 1.5 million rental housing units owned by LH and 250,000 units owned by SH, the deposit ratio is adjusted by 10%, and then low-interest rate loans are supported. "I can lower my monthly rent by doing so," he said. "LH is also positively reviewing it."

Rep. Song said, "Currently, in the case of rental housing, we are paying 30% deposit and 70% rent, but if we raise the deposit ratio to 40%, but if we provide a deposit loan at a low interest rate of 3% or less, the tenants will pay less monthly rent. Like a disaster relief fund, it can increase your disposable income.”

Regarding the recent controversial cryptocurrency craze, he said, "It is irresponsible to neglect and not institutionalize it while saying that it will collect taxes."

In a poll on the next presidential election, former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol said, "I hate to see the ruling party in power, so I have strong reflexes that I want to beat through Yoon Seok-yeol." However, "If the former prosecutor general goes to politics, what will happen to the prosecutors' political neutrality?""The public will be suspicious that the post of former prosecutor general has been utilizing his election campaign."

In addition, SBS Digital Original Ishblah, who spoke with Democratic Congressman Song Young-gil, will be aired through the SBS News YouTube account through real-time streaming at 4 PM today.