• Russia, Ministry of Justice registers the news agency "Meduza" as a foreign agent

  • Russia expels ten American diplomats

  • Spying for Russia, Biot remains in prison.

    Gip: highly confidential documents found

  • East-West tension, Moscow expels 10 US and 5 Polish diplomats


April 26, 2021 Russia expelled the Deputy Naval Attaché of the Italian Embassy in Moscow after the measures taken by Rome against the two soldiers of the Russian Embassy in Italy, involved in the espionage case involving the Navy officer Walter Biot.

"We learned with deep regret of the Russian Federation's decision to expel the Deputy Naval Attaché of the Italian Embassy in Moscow with 24 hours notice. We consider the decision groundless and unjust because in retaliation for a legitimate measure taken by the Italian authorities. in defense of their own safety ". It can be read in a note from the Farnesina.

"On April 26 - reports the Russian Foreign Ministry - the Italian ambassador in Moscow Pasquale Terracciano was invited to the Russian Foreign Ministry, where he was given a note from the ministry relating to the declaration of persona non grata by the assistant of the Defense Attaché and Navy and Army Attaché of the Embassy of the Italian Republic in the Russian Federation C. Pacifici in response to hostile and unfounded measures by the Italian authorities against the office of the Defense Attaché at the Russian Embassy in Rome. The official - the Russian dicastery always reports - was ordered to leave the territory of the Russian Federation within 24 hours ".