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What to do with "sleeping beauties", surplus leather or fabrics from a luxury house?

The LVMH group has been making them available to fashion professionals since Monday, at discounted prices, via a digital platform.

"Nona Source" is open to all fashion designers, including competing houses, subject to having a SIRET number.

The platform offers to buy scraps of fabric or leather selected by fashion experts and certified "dormant stocks" from houses belonging to LVMH, at a third of the wholesale price, according to the group.

For example, there are 693 m² of lambskin at 34 euros / m², a 70 cm x 70 cm panel of water snakeskin at 100 euros per m² or even 2 meters of Vichy-patterned poplin for 14 euros.

For the launch, 100,000 meters of 500 different fabrics and 1,000 meters of leather are available on the platform.

Nona Source allows professionals to buy by the roll, by the skin or by the panel, depending on the quantity available and without cutting or sampling, says LVMH.

While everything is done to make the materials feel and fall - videos, photos and technical details to support them - the site does not give the name of the luxury houses from which these surpluses come.

Therefore, it is impossible to find materials with the logo of the houses.

As stocks are located in France, Nona Source currently only delivers in Europe, specifies the group.

There are already substantially similar projects such as the American platform Queen of Raw where brands can exchange their unused fabrics.

Queen of Raw was also a finalist for the LVMH Innovation Award in 2020.

Nona Source is one of the solutions offered by LVMH "to meet the challenges of the circular economy", a pillar of the group's environmental policy defended through its LIFE 360 program, the group specifies.

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