The government and the Presidency of Lebanon have commented on Saudi Arabia's decision to ban the entry of Lebanese products, including vegetables and fruits, against the background of their exploitation in drug smuggling into the Kingdom, while Kuwait has taken new measures regarding these products.

The Lebanese President, Michel Aoun, asked the security services to be strict in combating smuggling operations and those behind them.

Aoun made these statements at the beginning of a meeting with the caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab.

As for the caretaker prime minister, he said that Saudi Arabia and other countries know that banning Lebanese products will not stop drug smuggling, and that cooperation helps stop these networks.

 The Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Rai, said, on Monday, that Lebanese products are under the close watch of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, a few days after a Saudi decision to stop vegetables and fruits coming from Lebanon.

On Friday, Saudi Arabia announced the suspension of the entry of Lebanese vegetables and fruits to its lands, as of Sunday (yesterday), due to their exploitation in smuggling narcotic substances into the Kingdom, according to a statement by the Saudi Interior.

The Saudi Ministry confirmed that the decision will remain in effect until the relevant Lebanese authorities provide sufficient and reliable guarantees to take the necessary measures to stop the systematic smuggling operations against the Kingdom.

On Saturday, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs supported Saudi Arabia’s decision to ban the entry of vegetables and fruits from Lebanon "because of their exploitation by some for drug smuggling."

According to the newspaper, instructions have been issued to continue to allow the import of shipments of vegetables and fruits from Lebanon by sea and air only at the present time, with tightening control.