The hot topic is the appearance of a courier driver running at full speed to rescue a child covered in a heavy courier box in the US.


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'Super Hero' delivery driver.

Max, a four-year-old from the United States, tries to move a delivery box in front of the front door.

I was trying to help my parents, but a courier box that was twice as heavy as his body fell and lay under it.

Max shouted for help, and a man who heard this voice immediately sprints.

The man ran like a bullet and lifted the box, which allowed Max to overcome the crisis without serious injury.

The protagonist of good deeds is Marco Angel, a delivery driver.

When praise poured out for this incident, he said that he also had a son and that "anyone would have done that in that situation."

Netizens said, “The appearance of running away is like a superhero in the movie.”, “Marco Angel delivery driver!

Like his name, he is like an angel.”

(Screen source: Facebook Traci Pratt)