China News Service, April 26. According to Russian satellite network reports, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported on April 26 that the Aerospace Forces successfully tested a new type of anti-missile defense system missile at the Sareshagan shooting range in Kazakhstan. The parameters meet the design standards.

Data map: On June 24, 2020, local time, Russia held a military parade on Red Square to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the victory of the Great Patriotic War.

The picture shows the Il-78 aerial tanker and the Tu-160 supersonic strategic bomber appeared at the same time.

  According to reports, the report stated that “the air and space force’s air defense and anti-missile defense squad team successfully tested another new type of anti-missile missile at the Sareshagan shooting range."

  The Russian military quoted Sergei Grabchuk, commander of the Air and Space Force’s anti-missile defense corps, and pointed out that the new anti-missile missile has undergone a series of tests, the designed performance parameters have been verified, and the combat team has successfully completed the mission , Hit the imaginary target, and the accuracy meets the design requirements.

  According to reports, the Russian Air and Space Army has installed an anti-missile defense system to defend against assaults by air and space offensive weapons.