China News Service, April 26. Zhang Ying, Director of the Employment Promotion Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, said on the 26th that with the joint efforts of all parties, the current employment situation for college graduates is generally relatively stable.

In the next step, in response to the job search needs of graduates at different periods of time, efforts will be made in terms of job promotion, ability improvement, and channel expansion to fully support college graduates' employment and entrepreneurship.

Data map: Job seekers are looking for jobs at the venue.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Wu Junjie

  On the 26th, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security held a press conference for the first quarter of 2021.

At the meeting, a reporter asked that the number of college graduates this year reached a new high. According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the unemployment rate in the Youth Survey in March was still relatively high. Since this year, what policy measures the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has taken in these areas? What effect has it achieved?

In addition, what measures will be taken next to the employment of college graduates?

  Zhang Ying said that the problem of youth employment is a worldwide problem, and the youth unemployment rate is generally more than double the normal unemployment rate.

In this regard, youth employment represented by college graduates has always faced the problems of employment choices and employment challenges.

College graduates are a precious human resource of the country. The promotion of their employment is related to the realization of the value of graduates, the happiness of thousands of families, and the high-quality development of the country.

  According to Zhang Ying, the number of college graduates in 2021 is 9.09 million. With increasing environmental uncertainties at home and abroad, the task of promoting their employment is still relatively arduous.

The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to this, regard the employment of college graduates as the top priority of employment work, and put forward clear work requirements.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, in conjunction with relevant departments, under the leadership of the implementation of the program to promote employment and entrepreneurship of college graduates, both policy support and service guarantees have been carried out in the previous stage, focusing on three aspects of work:

  One is to strengthen deployment.

In March, a special notice was issued to make special arrangements for the implementation of policies for the employment of 2021 college graduates, service provision, training and internships, and protection of rights and interests.

  The second is to speed up recruitment.

In mid-March, the spring special for the joint recruitment of graduates in large and medium cities was launched, and 40 industry specials, live broadcasts and other activities have been launched online, providing more than 100,000 jobs.

Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security is cooperating with relevant departments to hold a monthly event for private enterprise recruitment, and simultaneously launch an online special session.

Currently, 8,000 job fairs are planned to provide 4 million jobs.

  The third is to strengthen assistance to the poor.

The 1.21 million graduates with difficulties in class of 2021 have been granted job-hunting and entrepreneurship subsidies, and special assistance will be provided to low-income families, zero-employment families and other needy graduates.

  Zhang Ying pointed out that with the joint efforts of all parties, the employment situation of college graduates is generally relatively stable.

  In the next step, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security will, in response to the job search needs of graduates at different times, step up efforts in job promotion, ability improvement, and channel expansion, and fully support college graduates in employment and entrepreneurship.

There are three key measures:

  One is to send special services to posts.

While organizing the city's joint recruitment and private enterprise recruitment, the "Special Action for Online Recruitment of Ten Millions on a Hundred Days" will be launched from May to leverage the advantages of online platforms, continue to push jobs on a large scale, and expand social participation.

Our biggest feature this time is to unite with different industry associations to launch special recruitment activities for different industries.

  The second is to train the ability of trainees.

In response to the needs of graduates' career development, vigorously promote the skills upgrading of millions of young people.

This year, 150,000 graduates have been organized to participate in the training. In the follow-up, efforts will be made to improve the quality of training, actively expand new vocational training, support graduates to improve their technical skills, and at the same time speed up the release of information on new vocations and provide guidance.

In response to the lack of practical experience of graduates, we will continue to implement the employment internship program and launch a group of national-level internship demonstration units to provide graduates with relevant opportunities for corporate internship practice.

  The third is to implement policies to expand channels.

Promote the package and rapid implementation of employment and entrepreneurship policies for college graduates, improve the facilitation of policy management, support small, medium and micro enterprises to absorb employment, and support graduates to start their own businesses and obtain flexible employment.

At the same time, it will continue to promote the continuous expansion of state-owned enterprises, stabilize the recruitment scale of basic-level projects of public institutions, and strive to maintain the policy of absorbing employment in the public sector.

  "In short, we will do our best to create positive conditions to help graduates to display their talents and make achievements in various fields." Zhang Ying said.