According to the data published on the Twitter account of the vaccine, Sputnik V showed the best results both in safety (the average mortality among the vaccinated is 7-32 times less) and in efficiency (the number of COVID-19 diseases is 2-7 times less) per 100 thousand vaccinated.

The report notes that the published data confirm the statement of the head of the Hungarian Prime Minister's Office Gergel Goulash, according to which "Sinopharm is better than Pfizer, and Sputnik V is the best."

The government of Hungary, the 1st EU country to start using Sputnik V, released its latest data on safety and efficacy across 5 vaccines.

#SputnikV has the best safety (7-32 times fewer deaths cases) and efficacy (2-7 times fewer COVID infections) per 100,000 vaccinated.

- Sputnik V (@sputnikvaccine) April 25, 2021

On April 19, the Gamaleya Center and the RDIF reported that the effectiveness of Sputnik V was 97.6% based on the analysis of data on 3.8 million vaccinated Russians.