Ivory Coast: tensions appear within the PDCI of Henri Konan Bédié

Henri Konan Bédié, September 20, 2020, in Abidjan.

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In recent days, internal tensions have been rising to the forefront of the Ivorian political scene.

Quarrels of chapels that some see as the precursor signs of possible battles of succession or in any case of recomposition of the balance of power internally.


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With our correspondent in Abidjan


Pierre Pinto

These are two Unes du

Nouveau Réveil

, the journal of the PDCI (Democratic Party of Côte d'Ivoire), which brought to light " 

unnecessary palaver at the top of the party 

" and an opposition between

number two Maurice Kakou Guikahué

and Bernard Ehouman, the acting chief of staff of Henri Konan Bédié.

It must be said that the last few days have revealed internal tensions, as during the choice of the group president in the Assembly, a week ago.

Four candidates were in the running, including the outgoing Maurice Kakou Guikahué, Yasmina Ouegnin, MP for Cocody, and former minister Jean-Louis Billon.

The discussions quickly stalled.

It is finally Henri Konan Bédié who would have refereed by imposing a fifth man, the deputy of Bangolo, Simon Doho.

 Maurice Kakou Guikahué is no longer the all-powerful number two.

Other tendencies are hostile to him and do not want him as Bédié's successor

 , ”said a commentator on Ivorian politics.

And he adds that “

 it is after Bédié that is being prepared, but no one has the courage to openly step up to the plate. 


Fifty-year-old, close to Madame Bédié, Bernard Ehouman, replaces the chief of staff of the president of the party, Narcisse N'dri, behind bars since November 3.

Is Ehouman the spearhead of the rebels?

Who has the support of the Sphinx in this showdown?

We do not know who these slingers are and we do not fully understand their strategy,

 " commented another observer.

While the former single party is

celebrating its 75th anniversary

, many activists are distraught and the press close to power is making a big splash.


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